Granite From Nature’s Home

Whether you think of beauty or strength when you gaze intently at a mountain range through the window of an air plane you are amazed. Or while fixing your eyes on a single steadfast mountain composed of natural granite, you are appreciating timeless elegance. Elegance permanently attached to a natural material that makes one’s eyes light up with wonder.

Our planet is home to innumerable variations of granite. And make no mistake about it, granite is a very durable substance that forms powerful mountain ranges. Additionally, they reach high into the sky and projecting a majestic mood to their onlookers. But at the same time, granite filled mountains found all over the earth exude another quality. A quality that is highly valued by communities the world over – an eternal beauty.

The Natural Strength of Granite

Mountains of GraniteIt is no great secret that granite is a durable material. Just thinking deeply about the forces acting on it is inspiring. In fact, in its natural surroundings granite can give us a glimpse of the resilience possessed by this igneous rock. Search your mind for just a moment and think of the force of rushing water. It may be a river flowing through the valleys of a mountain range. Perhaps it’s rushing down the side of a mountain, or over a precipice before slamming violently against the base and crashing to the bottom. Water is not a light substance, it is actually heavy and it persistently behaves in a manner that can wear away the ground.

Yet, mountains composed of granite regularly stand in the face of the relentless force of this liquid. Guiding it, directing it, and even surrounding it in cases where water pulsates through its vein-like crevices.

It’s true, one quality that makes granite desirable is its rugged natural strength. It takes a beating from high winds that constantly push, trying to topple it from its majestic throne. And yet, day in and day out, mountains of granite stand steadfast. In fact they lean into the face of the howling opponent as if speaking quietly the words, “I won’t budge.” These are attributes that one would expect from such a “hardened” material existing under pressure for such a long time. However granite is not only powerful, it is also beautiful.

Granite’s Beauty in Nature

Quarrying Natural GraniteThe marvelous beauty of natural granite is not only evident in its appearance from afar, it shines just as brilliantly when viewed up close. Gazing at granite mountain ranges from a distance is awe inspiring. Amazing texture and color variations can be realized and appreciated as the light splashes across the faces. It also casts elegant shadows that reach deep into us and stir the serene comfort that feeling secure evokes.

Looking appreciatively at granite in its home from a distance rightly amazes us. And scrutinizing it up close is just as rewarding. By peering at granite and noting the minerals that make up each distinct piece of this fascinating material, we are touched in a very intimate way. Whether you examine the natural granite from Uba Tuba, or analyze a slab of Mascarello you will find a unique beauty. And that beauty is unlike any other. Additionally, it distinguishes that piece of granite from every other piece of granite you view. The sheer variety of granite available for purchase testifies to its beauty. Unique sections of granite for unique people that appreciate its attractive appearance.

While texture and color variations are noticeable from a distance, the up close view of quarried granite can really light up ones face with awe. Some colors of granite are extremely desirable and others are for the eccentric. But no matter what kind of beauty you are seeking you can find it many colors including:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Green
  • Pink

If you appreciate nature and you think of the earth as a home, you will no doubt be moved by natural granite. In fact many people realize the wonderful and unique beauty of granite and feel the awe and comfort of its majestic strength and power.