About This Site

When I first began researching information about granite, I had no idea that there would be this much to talk about. But after spending about 2 hours of seeking information, I began to realize just how much I could learn by simply looking things up online. This domain, will serve as a place to record what I learn about granite.

Thanks for browsing the PlanetGranite.info website. My name is Matt, I am a web professional that has a very particular interest in learning about granite and why it is such a sought after material. My wife and I have been looking into its uses and pondering ways that we could use it to enhance the beauty of our home.
Countertop of Granite
Since I work in the web space and I had to learn a lot about this versatile igneous rock, I decided to use this site as a place to collect my research notes and share the information with others that may interested in granite and how it can be used.

This site will consist of a variety of information about granite. I plan on researching and documenting the various kinds of granite as well as the different colors, uses and even how to care for the natural stone and what can be done to maintain and protect its amazing appearance.

I hope that this site will help others to become educated about the different aspects of selecting and owning granite. Thanks for reading!

About Granite, the Rock

Granite is a versatile material that has been used for a variety of purposes for an extremely long time. Because of its extensive use in art, architecture and home furnishings, there is a vast sea of information about granite and I intend to share that information with you through this blog.

There are a variety of granite types and everything about the stone can vary including the color and hardness. Though the color of granite varies widely, its hardness varies to a lesser degree.