Granite for Countertops

Granite for Countertops

When it comes to selecting a countertop surface, there are a number of materials from which to choose. Porcelain countertops and quartz countertops are just a couple of the options. The topic we will discuss here though is the option of using granite for countertops.

Why Is Granite Such A Good Material?

As far as countertop surface materials go, natural granite is an option that is the choice of many designers and interior decorators; especially for ones using natural stone in the design. But why is granite such a good material for countertop surfaces?

One reason granite is an excellent material for countertops is that is has a natural uniqueness. Because it is a natural stone, one granite countertop will look entirely different from the next. In fact, even two slabs from the same rock might look very different from one another.

Another feature that moves decision makers to go with granite for countertops is its durability. Granite is very hard material and is resistant to scratching and chipping. We won’t go into too much detail about the technical aspects of measuring the hardness of natural stone. Let’s just say that granite is harder than most natural stone used for countertop surfaces. The hardness of a stone contributes to its scratch and chip resistance. As a result, people that are looking for durable countertop surfaces select granite.

Easy Care & Maintenance

Uniqueness and durability are not the only properties that draw designers and decorators to granite for countertops. The care and maintenance required is pretty light considering granite is a natural material. Some natural stone surfaces require specific care to prevent scratching. Others are sensitive to normal household liquids.

A simple care routine designed to keep your granite in top shape is pretty easy to develop. Once the surface is installed, the fabricator or installer will most likely seal your countertop using and impregnating sealer. Thereafter, you merely need to reseal your surface every year or two. Although there are other care routines that can reduce or even eliminate the need for resealing if properly followed.

These are not the only reasons granite is chosen for use as a countertop surface. However, as we have discussed, the unique beauty, the durability, and the ease of care and maintenance are all valid reasons for selecting natural granite for countertops in your project.