Granite in Hardscape Design

Hardscape Design With Granite

Around the home, granite can be used in a variety of ways. Because of the durability, beauty, and timeless style many homeowners used it for indoor surfaces like countertops. And while a stone countertop is one use for this magnificent stone, its use indoors is not the only way granite can contribute to your home’s beauty.

Granite In Hardscape Design

Using granite in hardscape design has some specific advantages. Here we will consider some specific reasons why homeowners choose to use granite in hardscape design.

Decomposed Granite in Hardscape Design

One of the common uses for granite in hardscape design is using decomposed granite for decorative areas and as a material for walkways. Decomposed granite for walkways is a popular choice for a couple of reasons. First, this material is appealing because it is environmentally friendly because of its organic nature.

Second, decomposed granite is a permeable material. This means that rain can permeate surfaces made from decomposed granite and penetrate the ground. This is desirable because it prevent erosion from occurring in the areas adjacent to the walkway. Non-permeable surfaces do not allow the water to seep through and the water has to run off the surface – displacing the soil.

Granite Cobblestone and Edging Stones

Another use of granite in hardscape design is by using it as edging around shrub beds, sidewalks and driveways. In fact, one benefit of using granite stones as edging is its organic nature. Just like the decomposed granite mentioned above, these granite cobblestones and edging stones are friendly for the environment. Their natural look makes them fit right in with the landscape no matter what other materials you have chosen to use as landscape material.

All in all, granite in hardscape design has an appeal for a variety of reasons. Its durability, color, and eco friendly attributes are all factors that make granite a popular material choice in hardscape design.

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  1. Tomas Killington

    My brother recently moved into a home that has a large yard. He is wanting to have a space where his friends and family can gather. I didn’t realize hardscaping can add great beauty by using materials, like granite, that are long lasting but look great. I’ll be sure to share this option with my brother.

    • granite Post author

      Tomas, thanks for your comment. A large yard is definitely a great place to make use of more than one application of granite.

  2. Adrian Jones

    My favorite part of the article is that you can use granite as a part of hardscaping in order to create interesting designs that you can incorporate in your landscape garden while using natural materials and not needing to buy even more just to add a touch of beauty. What I also found interesting is that you can incorporate edging stones as well as granite into the overall design, giving flower beds and fish ponds that natural look. I don’t know anything about landscaping or hardscaping for that matter, but I’d love to redesign the back garden of my house so that it would look nicer rather than just a drab, overgrown back lot.

    • granite Post author

      Thanks for your kind words about the information on the site. And, I agree that spending less for beautifying a lawn is absolutely a plus!

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