Granite in Your Home

Grey Counter Top

Many homes feature granite in more than one form. Some of these features include the following:

  • Elegant Granite Counters
  • Granite Floor Tiles
  • Crushed Granite in Landscape

Regardless of the feature you will find that the strength and beauty of granite found in nature extends right into your dwelling when used for home decor.

In fact, designers and ‘do it yourself’ homeowners alike often times prefer the unique, beautiful, and  durable properties that granite offers as part of the home’s decor.

Interior Designers Like Granite

When designing anything, the designer has the challenge of capturing a look and feel. The particular style that the decorator is going for will have specific features that make up that style.

Since granite comes in a wide range of colors and the visual texture of the stone varies widely, designers have many options in the way of granite for decorating.

For example, if the design calls for a rustic looking slab, the design specialist may choose to go for a Mascarello. Why? Because its composition and texture goes well with the rustic look and feel.

Additionally, the wide selection of colors is another reason designers may find granite the preferred choice. Selecting the perfect color(s) to incorporate into a design can be a very important aspect of the design’s effectiveness. So finding a slab of stone that is a complimentary color will add a dimension of interest to the design. And since each stone is different, the design will be “one of a kind”.

Home Owners Like Granite’s Durability

The design appeal of a material does not necessarily mean that it is a great great choice. For instance, the material could be very attractive, but if it does not wear well you could be replacing or redesigning relatively quickly.

Granite however, does not suffer from the challenges that come with other materials. Granite is an extremely durable material. It can also endure the wear and tear of household use, even in homes with large families. There are some basic care and maintenance tips that you will want to keep in mind. But they are very easy to implement once you understand the reasons and consistently apply them.

The use of granite in landscaping is also widely practiced. For example, crushed granite can be found composing walkways, tracing paths as an accent piece, or as a border material for shrub and flower beds.

You are no doubt drawn to granite because of one or more of its characteristics. Some of these qualities include:

  • Diverse Texture
  • Color Variation
  • Unique Appearance
  • Durability

This natural stone that has many uses around your home. Therefore, there is no doubt that with time your appreciation granite will continue to grow.